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Box 100, Saddle Lake, AB T0A-3T0

(780) 726-3829 * (780) 726-3788 Fax * 1-800-396-2167


SLCN Members, if you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms call: (780) 726-3930


BAND BUILDINGS - (780) 726-7621

BISON AUTO STOP - (780) 726-2233

CHILD WELFARE/KINSHIP - 1-877-296-2902, (780) 726-7616

EAGLES NEST GROUP HOME - (780) 645-7740


DISCOVERIES - (780) 726-7617


EDUCATION AUTHORITY - 1-800-668-0243, (780 726-7609

EARLY CHILDHOOD (DAYCARE) - 1-866-225-6631, (780) 726-2885

KIHEW ASINIY - (780) 726-2000

ONCHAMINAHOS SCHOOL - (780) 726-3730

FAMILY VIOLENCE - (780) 726-7605

FINANCE - (780) 726-7606

HEALTH & WELLNESS - 1-800-829-6904, (780) 726-3930

AMBULANCE - (780) 726-3931

EAGLE HEALING LODGE - 1-866-726-3660, (780) 726-3661

C.R.E.S.T - (780) 210-0664

NNADP - (780) 614-3831

DENTAL - (780) 726-4263

HEADSTART - (780) 726- 3000

HOME SUPPORT - 1-888-600-6867, (780) 726-2774

REFERRAL - (780) 645-8366, 1-800-829-6904, (780) 726-3880


PHARMACY - (780) 726-3310

PUBLIC HEALTH - (780) 726-3929

SENIORS CENTRE - (780) 726-4353

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT - 1-855-726-7608, (780) 726-7608

OIL & GAS/LOTTERY - (780) 646-6423

MEMBERSHIP - (780) 726-7611

PEYASEW - 1-866-726-3536, (780) 726-3534

PORTAGE COLLEGE (SLCN) - (780) 726-3697

POST OFFICE - (780) 726-4732

PUBLIC WORKS - 1-888-321-9999, (780) 726-4020

FIRE DEPARTMENT/WATER - (780) 726-3404


WATER TREATMENT PLANT - (780) 726-3950

RCMP - (780) 726-3201

RESIDENTIAL (TRC) - (780) 646-6114

SOCIAL SERVICES - 1-877-296-2904, (780) 726-7607

REINVESTMENTS - 1-877-755-3546, (780) 726-4713

SEWING CENTRE - (780) 726-2961


WALTERS STORE - (780) 726-2510

EUGENES GAS BAR - (780) 726-0007

NORTHSIDE STORE - (780) 726-4609


SLCN Main Street

Health Centre

Saddle Lake Health Care Centre, P.O Box 160, Saddle Lake, AB (Canada) T0A 3T0 Phone: (780) 726-3930 Toll Free: 1- 800-829-6904 Fax: (780) 726-3922


Fire Hall/Water Delivery

(780) 726-2400 (Line One) (780) 726-2674 (Fax) (780) 726-7621 (Hall Bookings) (780) 726-3000 (Head Start)



(780) 726-4465 (Line One) (780) 726-2351 (Line Two) (780) 726-2743 (Fax) 1-866-726-2087 (Toll Free)


Public Works

(780) 726-4020 (Line One) (780) 726-4021 (Line Two) (780) 726-2674 (Fax) 1-888-321-9999 (Toll Free)


SLCN Boys and Girls Club

(780) 726-4149

Eagle Healing Lodge Emergency Numbers
Seven Lakes Oil Field Services

Seven Lakes Oilfield Services is owned by seven different First Nation organizations in Northeast Alberta (Cold Lake, Frog Lake, Kehewin, Saddle Lake, Goodfish Lake, Heart Lake and Beaver Lake) and is a subsidiary of Primco Dene Ltd. and Pimee Well Servicing Ltd.

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Kat Shambu: Travel Advisor

Business owner from Saddle Lake Cree Nation.

Specializes in:

Destination Weddings

All Inclusive Sun Vacations

Group Travel


Honeymoon specialist

Luxury Vacations

Europe and Asia guided and self guided tours

and Disney

Terrence McGilvery: Painter (Email)

Terence McGilvery is 43 years old from Saddle Lake Cree Nation. He is the 7th sibling out of 8 children.

His parents are Jenny and Late Howard McGilvery. Terence always had an interest in art since he was a

young boy. When Terence was 18 years old he won a logo art contest for the Saddle Lake Pow-wow and

they have been using it ever since. Terence was also an natural athlete with floor hockey being his

favorite sport to play. Unfortunately, Terence’s goals and ambitions had come to an abrupt end at the

age of 19. It was in the summer of 1994 when he was involved in an alcohol related car accident, which

left him confined in a wheelchair. Terence is now a quadriplegic with what he describes as only having

7% use of his hands.

It was his third week at Glen Rose Rehabilitation Center when the nurse asked him what it was that he

did before his accident. He told the nurse that he was an artist who enjoyed drawing. The nurse decided

to take him to the 2nd Floor where patients can do art and crafts. The nurse asked him if he’d like a

marker or a pencil, with his answer being “pencil”. As she handed him the pencil, Terence reached out

for it. He couldn’t grasp onto it, it slipped through his fingers and onto the floor. Terence’s hopes to

continue drawing were crushed. He became discouraged to draw again because he was embarrassed by

his disability. Four months later he was released from Glen Rose and that’s when the depression really

hit, or as he described it “he entered a dark bear cave, shutting himself out from everyone and

everything.” He felt this way for the first seven years of his new life in a wheelchair, battling his

depression, not knowing how to overcome it. But the day finally came when he accepted his life in a


It was a pivotal moment because he could feel the depression slowly turning to courage and the will to

draw again came back. He recalled the nurse suggesting he tape a pencil to his hand if he really wanted

to draw again, so he decided to give it a shot. He went out and purchased art supplies. When he got

home, he smudged and said a quick prayer for strength and guidance from the Creator as he taped the

pencil to his hand. He took two deep breaths and drew two lines discovering he had full control of the

pencil. He worked the pencil with ease and began to draw an eagle. That was when he knew his dream

of becoming an artist was possible. Realizing his artistic talent was still in him, he gained his confidence

back, began to spend his time drawing and eventually sold his work locally. He continued drawing for

the next four years when he decided to challenge himself to painting. He purchased the supplies and

began to teach himself to paint. He quickly realized this was what he was meant to do, he was a painter

all along. His hands took on a whole new meaning, they became important and valuable, in his words

“sacred”. He smudges his hands before he begins his paintings, asking Creator for guidance, but more

importantly, for permission to paint His beautiful animals. His connection with Creator goes into all his

paintings, creating exquisite works of original art.




  • Blue Quills First Nation University - (780) 645-4455
  • Goodfish Lake - (780) 636-7000
  • INAC Edmonton - (780) 495-2773
  • Mannawanis Friendship Centre - (780) 645-4630


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SLCN Sewing Centre (780) 726-2961

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Terrence McGilvery: Painter